Shipping policy


For customs clearance purposes, we request that you divide your orders for purchases that exceed USD 300

All parcels from GLOBAL AMOREMLL are shipped from South Korea.
Shipping cost is calculated from Korea to the destination country.
Every order is normally shipped out within 72 hours from the time of receiving the order.

Please note that we do not ship to Korea. Customers who want to purchase in Korea, please visit at


Shipping Notice

Shipping costs vary depending on the country you are shipping to and ranges from $5 to $30 . Global Amoremall is offering monthly shipping fee promotion.

The weight of the box and bubble wrap will automatically be added to the shipping weight when the shipping method is selected.
Please note that import duties and taxes are not included in the price of the item. These charges are the buyer’s responsibility.


Order Value Limit

Due to regulatory customs issues, which can cause extensive delays, GLOBAL AMOREMALL limits order to $300 or less (excluding cost of shipping).
Customers who wish to purchase more than $300, we recommend you place two separate orders to avoid customs issues.


Parcel Tracking

When order parcels are shipped, we email tracking numbers to customers.
The email contains both order details and shipment tracking numbers.


Shipping Location & Shipping Fee

The location available for global shipping and free shipping conditions are as follows


Location Couriers Flat shipping Fee Free shipping condition (order amount)
Chile (CL) UPS $30 $50
Peru (PE) UPS $30 $50
Bolivia (BO) UPS $30 $50
Argentina UPS $30 $50
Panama (PA) UPS $30 $50
Puerto Rico (PR) UPS $25 $50
U.S.A (US) DHL $20 $50
Canada (CA) DHL $20 $50
Colombia (CO) DHL $30 $50
Venezuela (VE) DHL $30 $50
Trinidad and Tobago DHL $30 $50
Greenland (GL) DHL $30 $50
Guadeloupe (GP) DHL $30 $50
Honduras (HN) DHL $30 $50




Location Couriers Flat shipping Fee Free shipping condition (order amount)
Japan (JP) Shipnergy $5 $25(≒¥3,700)
Singapore (SG) DHL $10 $50
Hongkong SAR China DHL $10 $50
Chinese Mainland  EMS $15 $50
Mongolia (MN) EMS $15 $50
India (IN) EMS $15 $20
Thailand (TH) Standard $15 $20
Malaysia (MY) Standard $15 $20
Philippines (PH) Standard $15 $20
Kazakhstan (KZ) EMS $25 $50
Uzbekistan (UZ) EMS $25 $50
Vietnam (VN) DHL $15 $50
Macau SAR China DHL $15 $50
Sri Lanka (LK) DHL $15 $50
United Arab Emirates (AE) DHL $20 $50
Cyprus (CY) DHL $20 $50
Qatar (QA) DHL $20 $50
Oman (OM) DHL $20 $50
Israel (IL) DHL $20 $50
Saudi Arabia (SA) DHL $20 $50
Bangladesh (BD) DHL $20 $50
Bhutan (BT) DHL $30 $50
Brunei (BN) DHL $20 $50
Pakistan (PK) DHL $20 $50
Cambodia (KH) DHL $15 $50
Jordan (JO) DHL $30 $50
Kyrgyzstan (KGZ) DHL $30 $50




Location Couriers Flat shipping Fee Free shipping condition (order amount)
South Africa (ZA) DHL $30 $50
Tanzania (TZ) DHL $30 $50
Morocco (MA) DHL $30 $50
Nigeria (NG) DHL $30 $50
Namibia (NA) DHL $30 $50
Kenya (KE) DHL $30 $50
Ghana (GH) DHL $30 $50
Angola (AO) DHL $30 $50
Madagascar (MG) DHL $30 $50




Location Couriers Flat shipping Fee Free shipping condition (order amount)
New Zealand (NZ) DHL $20 $50
Australia (AU) DHL $20 $50
Guam DHL $30 $50




Location Couriers Flat shipping Fee Free shipping condition (order amount)
Finland (FI) EMS $25 $50
Austria (AT) EMS $25 $50
Poland (PL) DHL $20 $50
Hungary (HU) DHL $20 $50
Czech Rep., The (CZ) DHL $20 $50
Bulgaria (BG) DHL $20 $50
Slovenia (SI) DHL $20 $50
Norway (NO) DHL $20 $50
Sweden (SE) DHL $20 $50
Denmark (DK) DHL $20 $50
United Kingdom (GB) DHL $20 $50
Netherlands, The (NL) DHL $20 $50
Germany (DE) DHL $20 $50
France (FR) DHL $20 $50
Ireland, Rep. Of (IE) DHL $20 $50
Switzerland (CH) DHL $20 $50
Luxembourg (LU) DHL $20 $50
Belgium (BE) DHL $20 $50
Portugal (PT) DHL $20 $50
Albania (AL) DHL $20 $50
Georgia (GE) DHL $30 $50
Malta (MT) DHL $20 $50
Croatia (HR) DHL $20 $50
Lithuania (LTU) DHL $20 $50
Moldova (MDA) DHL $30 $50
Romania (RO) DHL $20 $50
Gibraltar (GI) DHL $20 $50


Delivery Failure


If a parcel does not reach a customer within 60 days, we consider it as missing. In these cases, we can re-send a new parcel or process a refund.

Unclaimed Return

Please note that if the delivery failed due to any reason including insufficient address, missing postcode, and insufficient recipient information, we will contact you for checking but if there's no response within the time limit, the parcel may be returned or discarded.

Customer's Fault

If the parcel is discarded or returned due to the customer's fault, a refund cannot be made. Please double-check your delivery information before checkout and take calls from the shipping company for checking.


Wrong or detective Item

If you have received a wrong or defective item, please contact as soon as possible. We will investigate the issue and get back to you with a solution. Please make sure to enter your contact information and photo(s) of the products you received and the parcel box for better and faster assistance.


Shipping Process

Purchase Completed

Once payment is completed, the order status will appear as “Purchase Completed.”

Preparing Shipment

Please allow 2-3 business days for the order to be processed and prepared for shipment. Packages are not shipped from our distribution centers on weekends or Korean holidays.

Shipment completed

Invoice number has been issued.

In Transit

You will be able to check the tracking number and information on the account page.


You have received the actual product that you ordered and the delivery has been processed electronically by the courier.